Index - Economy - The agreement on the Northern Ireland Protocol may be outlined for Christmas

The European Commission is by no means willing to fundamentally renegotiate the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, written by is generally well informed in Brussels matters.

Earlier, London unilaterally suspended compliance with the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol enshrined in the Brexit Convention. Northern Ireland remained within the European Union’s customs union and single market for the free crossing of the Irish-Northern border, while Britain came under a separate customs regime.

The British authorities, as the EU’s agent, should carry out customs and other controls on goods crossing the Irish Sea.

At the same time, Brussels is willing to make some concessions on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The trade and customs regulations set out in the Brexit agreement, which came into force after the British left the union, have been hurting London and Brussels for months.

According to the portal, a certain compromise on this issue may be outlined for Christmas, but in the meantime, long negotiations are still needed between the parties. According to experts and politicians, EU concessions that affect regulation can range from the necessary control of food to the trade in medicines to the administrative task of customs administrators.

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