Index - Economy - The European Parliament calls for the facilitation of legal labor immigration

To tackle Europe’s aging population and growing labor shortages, the European Commission must put in place legislation to facilitate legal labor immigration by the end of January 2022, the European Parliament (EP) said in a report adopted in plenary on Thursday.

In the report, MEPs called for a talent base to be set up as a job search portal with 490 yeses, 167 no votes and 38 abstentions, linking EU employers and non-EU nationals to alleviate labor shortages.

The EP would facilitate the legal immigration of non-EU entrepreneurs through an EU-wide system of entry and residence permits for those wishing to start a business or startups, as well as for artists and professionals working in the cultural sphere.

The EP also calls for a regulation to allow low- and medium-skilled workers to be admitted to non-EU workers, and considers it necessary to set up a system for recognizing workers’ qualifications and qualifications. MEPs also call on the European Commission to introduce a five-year, multiple-entry visa valid for 90 days a year.

The number of years required to obtain a long-term EU residence permit would be reduced from five to three, and simplification of the procedures for applying for relevant applications, including visas, was proposed, MTI reported.

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