Index - Economy - The government would quickly investigate abuses of the working time framework

From next week, a national targeted investigation will be launched to find out whether Hungarian employers are legally applying the possibility of facilitating the use of the working time frame in view of the coronavirus epidemic, announced Sándor Bodó, State Secretary for Employment Policy of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.

As the Index wrote, a growing problem, in addition to accounting disputes, is caused by the inability to work unprocessed days accumulating during downtime due to coronavirus and component shortage workplaces in workplace-based workplaces in a two-year workload expiring by the end of the year. Indeed, during downtime due to the epidemic, many employers, instead of sending workers to downtime and paying the wages due to that time, relied on working time to base their work on accumulated minus hours, during which the worker was otherwise fully paid. In some places, due to misinterpretation of the law, attempts have already been made to pay these unprocessed hours to workers.

The ministry’s announcement also states that the opinion of the social partners, namely the trade unions, was sought at Wednesday’s negotiations on the minimum wage and the guaranteed minimum wage. According to employee representatives, there are no legislative problems, but some companies may have legal interpretation problems with the working time framework. Based on the indications of the trade unions, several companies have already managed to settle the issues related to the settlement, the employers also took care of the repayment of the amounts unduly claimed, the Secretary of State said.

According to the experience of labor inspections, in addition to undeclared work the most typical infringement the trick of recording working hours, fixing the start and end points of working time frames, and therefore failing to pay allowances, which causes specific material damage to the worker. Partly due to the decrease in the number of inspections, fewer such cases were detected in the first half of 2021 than last year, with only a third of employees affected by major violations finding such employer violations.

According to ITM, the avoidance of further misunderstandings is helped by the publication of detailed legal information, and the elimination of conscious irregularities is helped by extraordinary targeted investigation.

Workers are asked to report any breach to the employment inspectorate.

– said Sándor Bodó.

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