Housing prices are falling across the EU, with the worst situation in Hungary

The proportion of elderly people living in their own property is high in Hungary. According to Eurostat data, in 2020, 95% of Hungarian elderly people living alone lived in their own property, and in the case of households where two people live and at least one of them has reached the age of 65, this proportion is even higher.

In Hungary, the proportion of people living in their own real estate among the total population was 91.3 percent last year, while the EU average is lower than this: 69.8.

According to the data of the EU Statistical Office, in 2020, 24.5 percent of the population in Hungary will live in real estate that is oversized according to their needs.

Price growth was the fastest here in the second quarter of this year.

The Money Center now calculated, how much wealth they could free up if they moved into a smaller apartment or house. According to the portal, the average price per square meter in the capital is HUF 636 thousand. Thus, a 70 square meter used property costs 44.5 million forints, on average. By replacing it with a 50-meter one, the average price of which is HUF 31.8 million, HUF 12.7 million can be released.

The portal forgot to mention that older people, in general, do not like to move …

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