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How can we wait for the summer of 2022 with an ideal body weight? There are quite a few who ask for expert help to do this, sometimes for little money. THE money center asked dietitians and personal trainers how this year’s prices are evolving.

The experience of dietitian Dorottya Szarka is that many people only visit specialists in May in the hope of fast and spectacular weight loss. In his view, personalization is the most important factor in lifestyle change.

Some have a 50-60 minute consultation and some spend up to an hour and a half with the patient. An occasion in Budapest is on average between 15,000 and 40,000 forints, and the sample diet is between 20,000 and 30,000 forints a week.

Dorottya Szarka remarked, adding that it is also worth paying attention to which diets are fashionable in which year. This year, intermittent fasting, low-carb diets, and a vegetarian and vegan diet are the trend.

Finding or restoring health should not be the primary goal, not weight loss. That is why it is important to choose the right direction for us with personalization and support

The dietitian stressed.

A common mistake is that the start is too drastic, we want to make a big change in a short amount of time, and we choose the wrong diet for ourselves. The advice of Rachel Nyikos is that we should definitely visit a graduate dietitian who has the right knowledge and is able to provide professional advice. The dietitian formulates diets tailored to the individual, offering solutions to even larger problems such as diabetes, thyroid problems, food allergy intolerance.

I consider the condition of the patient, as this is the essence of individual counseling. In the case of a therapeutic diet with the Conscious Diet, the first one-and-a-half-hour consultation is HUF 17,000, in which case the patient not only wants to lose weight, but comes to me with a more complex problem. The two-week sample diet starts at HUF 35,000 and rises from here

– explained Rikos Nyikos, who said that the secret to losing weight does not lie in expensive products, it can also be solved with food that is easily available in stores with a well-prepared diet. You don’t even need to be detoxified with food supplements because our body solves it

The gyms will also be full in January

According to Tamás Fekete, a good personal trainer starts the joint work with a condition assessment, discusses the goals with the guest, and assesses his fitness. Perhaps the most important thing for a personal trainer is to minimize the risk of injury.

The guest should be taught the basic movement patterns and the proper technique of the exercises. The cost of training can depend on the venue, how long the coach has been in the profession, and when the guest wants to train with him or her. In Budapest, there is no occasion for less than 4,000 forints, and the limit is the starry sky, said Tamás Fekete, adding that many people make mistakes without the help of coaches.

According to a personal trainer, many people are uninformed about nutrition and training, so he wouldn’t necessarily be talking about mistakes when someone fails to make a change. The said person provides a four-week nutrition complex consultation for HUF 44,999, the 12-week training plan costs HUF 107,990 for him and HUF 8,390 for 8 weeks.

The article shows that psychological and self-knowledge books have been selling well in the last 2-3 years. The book of Noémi Doctor-Tóth (Inherited Fate) became a real bestseller. Last year, there was also a growing interest in books on lifestyle change and healthy eating. The average consumer price of 2021 books dealing with the thirty most popular lifestyle changes is HUF 4,500, and in the case of self-knowledge writings HUF 3,700.

In the case of lifestyle change books, the most popular trend is writing on the topic of a healthy soul. Last year, Shunmyo Masuno’s book ZEN – The Art of Simple Life was filmed by most, according to Libri, who launched the Literary Therapy section of Libri Magazine with great interest.

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