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As we wrote earlier, several of our readers have indicated that world stars reside in the Hungarian capital. Luis Fonsi had previously been told to bring his entire team with him – including choreographer Danny Lugo and dancer Kiara Y. Rodríguez Saldívar, who worked with him. Moreover, it can be concluded from Lugo’s Insta story that they did not come to the country just for sightseeing.

Rod Stewart was first overthrown by the fact that the singer visited Budapest with the help of a tour guide, whose girlfriend took a photo of him. By now, more telltale images had appeared on Instagram: the singer’s wife, Penny Lancaster, had captured a few moments of their experiences here on her community page, which certainly didn’t just include sightseeing.

“The band is back! It’s so exciting that the band is back in Hungary again, just before the concerts start in Las Vegas next month, ”reads Lancaster’s latest post, which contains a total of three photos. In the pictures, Rod Stewart’s wife with the band and her husband can be seen next to a black car in front of a ‘fence’ that is eerily reminiscent of the covered cordons set up in the arboretum of Lőrinc Mészáros and Andrea Várkonyi (Picture 11/26). Of course, that doesn’t mean they’ve actually been there, since that’s how they usually fence backstage at events.

We show you scroll through:

So it seems that Rod Stewart recently gave a secret concert somewhere in our country. By the way, the couple is still in Budapest, and it is clear from the shared story pictures that they really enjoy being here. The singer’s wife recently showed in her Instagram story where they have lunch.

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