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Aurelio Caversacció was sentenced to two years and three months in prison by the Szeged panel on Wednesday. The former winner of the Real World and his comrades have been brought to justice for kidnapping. The former reality show character was given four years in the first instance, which was alleviated by the court. Now the accused of the case also spoke:

It may sound weird, but I’m happy with the verdict, it’s already so balanced with my actions.

The RTL KlubHe said he would sue any newspaper that had previously written that he was already convicted of kidnapping.

I don’t deny my guilt, that’s right. This has consequences, it is proportionate to it. I was really treated here as I would expect in a court. Not like with the last criminal. Let’s say I don’t know how they are treated, but here I feel that the right punishment has been imposed on me.

Said the former Real World winner.

Asked when he planned to go to jail, he said it was better to get over it as soon as possible:

The sooner the better. I don’t want to put this off too long. Let’s say if my partner has a birthday, or neadjisten I want to get married for some unreasonable way, I might be a little late, but otherwise I want to get over it as soon as possible.

He added that a big stone had already fallen from his heart that he was past the negotiations. The former reality show actor tried to understand the past period with a parable.

It’s like when you start building a house and then after one of the bricks you don’t know what will happen next. Now this is over for me and a huge paving stone has fallen from my heart

Said Aurelio Caversaccio.

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