Index - FOMO - Curtis will not disappear permanently, they will be back on stage with Majka soon

As the Index had previously written, a few days ago, Curtis announced on his Instagram page that he was suspending his music career for a while because he had been a little overworked lately. The announcement came as a surprise to everyone, as Attila Széki has already announced quite a few concerts, which he says he will not hold.

This year was another race for me. I was terribly tired, and I took all the worries of the world around my neck … I was completely exhausted both physically and mentally. I’ll suspend the Curtis parties scheduled for this year, except for one or two TV appearances, and disappear from the stage indefinitely. I’ve had a lot of battles in my private life lately as well, which I also find hard to process, but luckily my couple, my little boy and a couple of good friends help me a lot. I love you and see you again soon, but now I need to rest

The rapper wrote in his post on Tuesday. Although he specifically asked not to be contacted about his decision because he did not want to share more details than that, as the Swing tour with Majka was also affected, Blikk caught up with Péter Majoros, who informed him of the following:

We won’t have a concert with Curtis until April. The six-station Majka & Curtis Swing tour is still on Facebook, but we’ve canceled it before. Since we have no idea at the moment how the epidemic will develop, we did not dare to take the risk.

Majka now also reacted to what happened on her community. The rapper writes that their Swing tour, announced for November, will be replaced in February, meaning Attila Széki – unless he takes other action until then – can be seen on stage next time.

We had a great summer and closed this season with a huge concert, but we are redesigning for the fall season. Before unnecessary tabloid articles are born, let’s be clear: we’re going on a SWING tour with the band soon, complete with winds and dancers. The music transcripts have been completed, we have been working with the technical brigade on the stage for a long time and on this new show. Before Attila’s announcement on Tuesday, we decided the tour would start a few months later, in February 2022. In addition to the previously specified locations, new cities will also join, the management has been negotiating for days, in the meantime we have stopped selling tickets. So come the SWING tour, ten stations, details and all more info coming soon!

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