Index - FOMO - Damu Roland has been cremated, but there is no date for the funeral yet

The family still did not agree on when to hold Damu Roland’s funeral. His cousin betrayed: the actor had already been cremated, and the funeral home was guarded by the funeral home until the funeral. The actor died on December 27 at the age of 47. Damu Roland was previously treated under deep anesthesia in an intensive care unit at one of the hospitals after receiving the coronavirus despite two vaccinations.

One of the actor’s cousins, Zita Tóth, said that the funeral would be handled jointly with Damu Roland’s aunt and sweetheart, but they had not yet decided which date would be the most appropriate. However, he strongly indicated that Damu Roland’s request would be respected so his parents would not be there at the funeral.

Zita Tóth a PepperHe also told him that the news that any of his friends would pay for his cousin’s funeral was not true. He said no one asked them if they could help with anything. Three of them, including the actor’s girlfriend, can pay for the funeral. The photographs have already been handed over to the funeral home and they are also talking to a musician attending the farewell, he added.

It is not true that they visited the hospital. Roland was kept in deep anesthesia after he entered. There was only one contact with the institution, my mother

He said, then added that even he had only been informed by phone of the actor’s health.

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