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Kulina Edina and Szabó András Csuti found each other almost six years ago. They had two children, their baby boy Medox in the fall of 2018 and their baby daughter Nina in the spring of 2020. The couple married after Medox’s birth.

Although the family seemed to be living happily from the outside, it was surprising when last fall on RTL Klub’s Winning Couple show that their relationship was in crisis. Then they said they also applied for the competition to find each other back.

Unfortunately, their efforts were all in vain, and András Csuti Szabó recently announced on his Instagram that they had not been able to put their marriage in order.

I don’t even know where to start … We struggled for a year, but since we both have a different language of love, we let go of each other’s hands … I wanted it to work the way Edina did, and we both did everything we could to get our marriage in order. but unfortunately did not go, it’s over!

– read in Chuti’s post.

He also highlighted that they have an eternal common goal, which is to create a loving environment for their children anyway, and to see that they still belong together.

Edina and I continue to help each other, work together and raise the children. We are trying to process this difficult situation, and this situation has been going on for some time, so we kindly ask everyone to do the same and spare us from malicious and judgmental comments.

András Szabó closed his lines. The announcement, which was also shared by Edina Kulcsár on her Instagram page,you can access it here.

(Cover image: Kulcsár Edina and Csuti. Photo: Velvet)

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