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Eva Rezesová caused a fatal accident back in 2012 when she drove her BMW SUV drunk on the M3 motorway and ran into the Fiat in front at a speed of 165 km / h. Fiat was completely burned out and all four passengers died. The wealthy Slovak woman who caused the accident was released from prison in 2018 after six years instead of nine for her good behavior.

Rezesová had not spoken to the press before, but now she broke the silence and said yes to the TV podcast at the invitation of Sándor Friderikusz. The Slovak woman, with the help of journalist Stefan Sperka, recently published a book showing that she changed her lifestyle after her release. In the volume, Eva Rezesová, who is named Eva Varhalokiva after her husband, tried to report on what happened with a lot of self-reflection and little self-explanatory explanation.

At the beginning of the conversation, it turned out that the woman had not come to Hungary so far because she was unable to do so. What it felt like to come here anyway after the interview, he said, it’s hard and weird.

Before I was in jail, after four years of becoming well-behaved, there were times when I had to go out and come back. My mother rented an apartment here and she came here with the children so we could be together. Now, as I came back after all these years, it was so weird now, sir, I’m free and I don’t have to go back to jail for an hour. Feeling weird.

When asked by the presenter, he said he considered himself irresponsible before 2012, someone who thought anything could be done. After the birth of her children, of course, it changed a bit, as she was no longer the first. Whether the names of the prisons or guilt itself had become completely different now, he said:

Guilt is still there to this day. In six years, I understood to take responsibility and think about the consequences. Such a tragic thing happened, not in my life and in my family life, but in the lives of their relatives, the relatives of the victims.

Asked by the presenter, Rezesová only remembers shreds from the accident. But he doesn’t even want to remember everything, so it’s kind of easier for him. By the way, he was on his way from Kassa to Bratislava on the day of the accident. She was in a state of excitement, according to her father, the daughter of her younger daughter, with whom she was no longer living at the time, but had a hard time processing that the man did not want to accept their child. During his prison years, however, he had already let go.

He doesn’t want to remember what happened

Friderikus drew Rezesová’s attention to the fact that the report of the accident and the book just published present what happened differently. What happened that particular night, she said:

The truth is, I was so scared of what happened. I didn’t know what to say – what was good to say, what wasn’t good to say, I didn’t say anything.

He did not answer the question of whether he drank before getting into a car or while driving. He said he doesn’t remember and doesn’t even want to remember it. But to this day he considers himself guilty. The only reason why he did not admit this during the proceedings was that he had made many mistakes. He later realized that he did not show his emotions at the time, he wanted to show the appearance of a tough woman.

What was in me back then is something that can’t be processed, can’t get used to. This is something that has had and continues to have catastrophic consequences to this day. (…) It all happened so suddenly that I hadn’t yet felt the weight of it all. Seriously, it was like a nightmare – if I fall asleep and get up tomorrow, everything will be fine.

Knowing what was going on outside to take his children and family away, he wanted nothing more than an end to it all. He didn’t care how many years he was sentenced. He had a lot of hearings, three or four times a week, from which people only saw the few hours that took place in the courtroom, but for him it was an all-day procedure, along with the other rabbis waiting to be heard. Regardless, he thinks he deserved what happened.

He apologized through a camera

It was also mentioned that Rezesová writes in her book that she never dared to look into the eyes of the relatives of the victims, even though they were there throughout the trials. He says he wouldn’t be able to do that today either because of his strong guilt because he knows how much it hurts them and he’s sure they can’t forgive. At this point, Sándor Friderikusz offered to apologize to the camera for what had happened.

It’s very hard for me to start talking about this because I know it’s very hard for you. but I sincerely want to apologize. It took me a while to get this out of myself and tell me honestly. I sincerely and sincerely apologize.

You can view the conversation here:

(Cover image: Eva Rezesová on November 12, 2013. Photo: István Szécsi / Velvet)

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