Index - FOMO - Gréta Horváth turns to a specialist with her child over her breakup

As the Index has previously written, the winning pair of the second season of Asia Express continues on a separate path – Gréta Horváth announced on her social network that her relationship with Dávid Meggyes has ended. Although he stated in his post that he did not want to share the details of what had happened to the public, exe later pretended to protect him with this.

Dávid Meggyes addressed those who had bombarded his mother with unsolicited messages after learning of their breakup, and Gréta Horváth also shared her post. It was still clear that the man had decided to leave his partner, but his public record also revealed that there was a third party to the matter.

The abandoned mother recently revealed more details to the public about their breakup. He claims that he has since learned that David Meggyes has had several women to deal with in recent years. Gréta Horváth is noticeably upset about what happened, in her latest Instagram post she now writes that they will turn to a specialist with their little son for their spiritual recovery.

For me and Filip, the year 2022 started with a deep emotional shock and not cloudless joy. I’ve experienced it in my life so far, there are difficulties, and life has rolled a big one in front of me, watching and living the events of the past few days. I’ve always been a very strong woman that I’ve tried to set an example with, who was able to get back on her feet because there’s someone for it and there’s why!

He began in his post, adding that he was trying to process the pain he had with his child, family, and friends.

Primarily MOTHER, and only then does it follow that I am a woman!

He declared, emphasizing that he would focus solely and exclusively on his child and his own spiritual healing, overcoming the events of the past and the present.

You have to let someone go with dignity, whatever happened. I was taught this and I want to pass this on to Filip too! I decided to go to a professional with the child so that we could alleviate this madness within ourselves. He suffered an even greater loss than me, and it is very difficult for him to explain what happened.

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