The semi-finals of your #miatiktokik will come to an end with this section, and it will soon be revealed which four competitors will advance to the final. And also whether Barna Turai can be snapped in three days.

Another batch of semi-final videos continues with #miatiktokod, Index’s talent scout. Competitors must complete, or at least attempt to complete, the tasks set by the jury. Our first video today, which has been traveling in bodybuilding so far because of an impossible mission, had to snatch Barna Turai in three days. Surprisingly, even at TikTok, even this can come together, the jury member assigned himself took a lot of notes.

This time, the girls’ team preparing for the party did not impress András Hajós, but the heavy boy of Ukrainian descent, who gave flirting tips, convinced everyone (Barna Turai again made a furious note). The girl parodying the flu flu now had to figure out the gastro fluids,

and once again delivered a devastating production.

The next section reveals which four competitors will advance to the finals. You can also have a say in the end result, as the contestant who gets the most likes for your #miatiktok and #elodontosvagyok hashtag will receive the audience award. See you again on Thursday and get to know the finalists.

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