Index - FOMO - Kristóf Németh did not send Schobert Norbert to the danger zone

Last week, a joint series by Norbert Schobert and Index, in which a fitness guru prepares dinner for well-known people in his own kitchen, was launched. In the first part, the host hosted Michelin-starred chef Jenő Rácz and his pregnant wife, Dóra Rácz-Gyuricza, and in the second broadcast, Kristóf Németh is well received.

Norbert Schobert was waiting for his guest, he knew exactly that he did not eat any meat other than fish, so with grilled salmon filletbecame decided what served with mushroom salad. It’s no secret that Kristóf Németh is at home in the kitchen, most recently in the cooking competition of RTL Klub he went all the way to the final, but now – unlike Jenő Ráczben, who immediately took control behind the counter in the previous show – the actor let the fitness guru prove it too.

The portion of the price that every guest in the show has to pay is Kristóf Németh He guessed at HUF 4,900 – you can find out how much the dinner that day actually cost from the video above, as well as how the actor evaluated the food served.

The The sky is onIrish – One night with Norbi his next episode is coming next Friday. Stay tuned to find out what the host has to offer that night.

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