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After about half a year, it seems the relationship between Tyga and Camaryn Swanson has ended rather ugly. The rapper and the flu began to meet this spring, and soon after the rumors were rumored that they were engaged. The couple finally decided to break up last week, but on Monday they got involved in another clash.

An eyewitness said Swanson shouted uninvited, intoxicated in front of the rapper’s door at dawn Monday to let him in. After gaining admission to the apartment, they allegedly conversed, and finally Tyga called on the woman to call her mother and take her home. Shortly after the incident, the flu appeared with a monocle around his eyes at the Los Angeles Police Department, where he filed a complaint against his ex.

Swanson told his part of the story in his Instagram story, which is exactly the opposite of what the eyewitness claimed. According to the flu testimony, Tyga not only called him to him, but also asked him to visit him by phone – he also showed a screenshot of their message exchange, Perez hilton shown on the side.

The flu says he didn’t set up his exe apartment uninvited, and when he wanted to leave, Tyga got in his way and physically abused him. He claims the rapper did not let him leave his apartment for hours.

They were abused emotionally, mentally and physically. I won’t keep it a secret

Camaryn Swanson wrote next to her monocle photo.

A TMZ according to his information, shortly after what happened, Tyga surrendered to the police, where he was also arrested. You can defend yourself on bail for fifty thousand dollars in bail, which you have already done. However, when he walked out of the Los Angeles police, he did not say a word to the reporters camping there.

If you or an acquaintance or relative is subjected to violence in your relationship, or if you believe that someone has been a victim of human trafficking, call the National Crisis Management and Information Telephone Service on the domestic toll-free number 06 (80) 20-55-20. In addition, the NANE Association’s helpline for abused women and children can be called free of charge every weekday from 6 pm to 10 pm on 06 (80) 505-101. The Legal Aid Service of the Patent Association is available on Wednesdays from 4 pm to 6 pm and on Thursdays from 10 am to 12 noon at 06 (70) 25-25-254.

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