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As the Index has previously written, in the festive edition of Partizan Tibor Bakács criticized Péter Puskás-Dallos with strong criticism, referring back to the period when he appeared in Megastar. The journalist-critic, who appeared on the show as a member of the jury, said Puskás may have been wrong at the time because the talent scout was not born to find such figures. The critic’s remarks also reached the person concerned, and Puskás felt so offended that he was in a public position not long after. cut back to Bakács on Facebook. What happened to his wife was not left without a word, and later ByeAlex also defended him his colleague.

Recently, a writing was written by Róbert Puzsér, in which the author commented on Péter Puskás, with rather harsh criticism, and on the actor-singer. This article, which appeared in the Opinion section of the Index, had already unleashed the rumors of Péter Majoros – the presenter-rapper also reacted to his critical words on the Index page soon, explaining at length what he thought of Puzsér.

The publicist did not let this go so far, reflecting on the lines addressed to him by Majka, he recently appeared in the Index with another opinion article, but this time he focused primarily on the person of the presenter-rapper and, as we have become accustomed to, did not spare him at all. Continuing the “correspondence”, Péter Majoros sent a reply message on his Facebook page this time, in which he stated, among other things, that he did not want to talk to Róbert Puzsér anymore.

“Dear Professor”!

I’ve never told you back before. Yet the plethora of half-truths (or rather we call shit) that you’ve literally stumbled upon me in recent years has been hard to leave out.

Even now, I only approached you because you hurt a man I loved precisely because he was never preoccupied with filming another person, but doing his own thing. I don’t think his genes or intellect would allow him to argue with a palm-creeping, obviously half-crazy, envious bastard like you.

And since I indicated in my previous (and last) post about you that your goal is nothing more than to exacerbate the conflict and keep it alive, I no longer want to chat with you..

Although I never considered myself a “gangster rapper,” you always call it that. That’s why, please, how cowardly I am, will be reserved for the occasion when we finally meet someday in real life, and then you have to take your opinion as a man. But it is not always possible to hide behind the sacred protection of the keyboard between two porn hubs. I don’t want to disappoint you with the way a “gangster rapper” behaves when a bladder like you is released from physical education. I kiss you, Mr. Teacher ”

You can access the entry of Péter Majoros here:

(Cover image: Majka. Photo: Németh Sz. Péter / Index)

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