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2021.10.24. 20:34

Dávid Kárász played great as Bon Jovi In a star I’ll be a star! in his fourth live broadcast. The young singer is the legendary musician Livin’ On A Prayer and, according to Majka, it would have taken just a little more energy into the production to be perfect.

The competitor’s performance was not surprisingly positively evaluated at the mentors’ table, and a childhood memory was revived in Pápai Joci.

Believe it or not, as a child I was Bon Jovija of the Oláh Gypsies. (…) I played Bon Jovi songs. I was at a house party once and it was the slow number in which he hugged his guitar because it was freezing on the prairie. I hugged the guitar at the gypsy settlement to see if they noticed that it was really like Bon Jovi, but they didn’t notice it anyway.

– told the singer during the evaluation, then laughed and told the contestant that Bon Jovi was better than him and that

Damn it!

However, he then set aside the joke and praised the contestant, adding that in his opinion, all the skins had already been peeled off from the said song, but he fell in love with it again in the performance of Dávid Kárász.

You can watch the production here:

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