Index - FOMO - Sándor Oszter left fabulous wealth and huge debt to his minor grandson

Sándor Oszter, the Hungarian actor with the Kossuth and Jászai Mari Prizes, also left his fabulous fortune and large amount of debt to his minor grandson. It turned out that Sándor Oszter raised 315 thousand Swiss francs in 2009 for the hunting lodge and its estate in Diósjenő to help a friend, but he was unable to settle this debt before his death.

The artist’s wife, Donatella Failoni, who died on October 29, is included in the loan as a debtor. The friend with whose help the loan was taken out, it turned out, was absorbed and didn’t even try to settle the debt. In his lifetime, Sándor Oszter tried to sell the hunting estate, which he could not sell in the end, even though the amount would have covered the accumulated debt. The actor was looking for another solution at the time: in 2015, he said that he had converted the Swiss loan to the forint base, offered forests, arable land and other real estate as collateral, and then stated that he had settled all his debts.

However, according to Bors, this is far from the case, as Sándor Oszter and his wife no longer belonged to a Belgian bank, but to a Hungarian financial institution. At today’s exchange rate, this corresponds to HUF 106 million. Some of this may have already been repaid, but the heirs will expect to have to settle the remaining debt.

By the way, Sándor Oszter stated in 2019 that he would leave everything to his grandson, the 9-year-old Hunor. At the same time, he added, he didn’t want his grandson to be a “new rich fidget,” so he would receive a certain amount of inheritance each month.

Under the new rules, if there is a descendant who inherits, the spouse is no longer only entitled to a usufruct right. The spouse of the testator continues to have the right of usufruct in the apartment shared with the testator and the related furnishings and a part of the child from the rest of the estate, writes Pepper. This means that the testator must be counted as having one more child. From the point of view of inheritance, the spouse is also entitled to the same proportion as a descendant of a straightforward person.

Thus, the actor’s daughter and wife are entitled to a share of the estate even if Sándor Oszter named his grandson as his sole heir in his will.

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