Index - FOMO - Schobert Norbi spoke, so he is now after his stroke

As the Index had already written, Schobert Norbi collapsed unexpectedly in August while walking a dog and was taken to hospital by ambulance helicopter. As it turned out, he had a stroke and had to undergo immediate life-saving surgery because a blood clot caused an obstruction in his brain.

The fitness guru a They are merry he said: he has recovered from a serious illness, he can work again, he can play sports, but still something has changed forever.

I go to my company once or twice a week. If I have a lot of work to do, I don’t do sports for days, but when I get to it, I do a half-hour light workout a day. But now I was competing in the Chef VIP, where I filmed ten, twelve hours a day. I didn’t really relax, I just focused on it because it’s a very tough game, ”he said.

Norbi vowed to banish the stress from his life and he would never overdo it again. He said, “stress is the serious factor,” no matter how healthy you live, no matter your organ problems, no matter how perfect your blood count is.

No para, no stress, nothing left in me. I calmed down and done. Everyday life is calm, I’m not in a hurry, I’m not in a hurry, I’m not excited, I don’t talk much

He added.

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