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Tom Hardy has been living as a Venom in the minds of most since 2018. The actor, by the way, doesn’t fall that far from Eddie Brock’s character in real life either, as he’s humorous enough, but at times he also tends to lose his head. But he did not begin as the host of an evil entity either.

Born in Hammersmith, Hardy was already interested in acting as a child, so like many in his profession, he attended a drama school where Anthony Hopkins was his mentor. She also tried herself as a model in the ’90s, but soon ended this career. Before embarking on his acting career, he allegedly wanted to be a rapper, he already had a record deal, eventually sticking to his original dream: his first screen appearance in the series Elite Corps, and in 2001 he starred in the war drama The Falcon in Danger. Seven years later, he landed the lead role in the film Bronson, for which he gained nearly 20 pounds of muscle. He did well with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Origin, and his performance won him a BAFTA award. He was later co-starred in the biography The Returning. The Titanic actor finally received the coveted Oscar at the time, but Hardy also received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The actor was Batman’s opponent, battling the Charlize Therons in Mad Max, and more recently, everyone has been waiting to see what he brings out of the second episode of Venom, whose debut still seems to be slipping. Although the first film received medium ratings on the IMDb, many are looking forward to seeing the sequel. Certainly Tom Hardy himself, but during the quarantine he re-evaluated his attitude to work (and to leaven).

Hardy was seriously thought about by the times when people went quasi-blood in stores for the last pack of toilet paper. As he said, he would not have been surprised at the time if a wave of looting had begun. However, instead of starting to pile up, he thought about his life and realized that he didn’t have to work himself to death, more importantly, to spend a lot of time with his family — and of course he learned to bake sourdough bread.

I still raise my little sourdough. It has to be fed every day, taken care of. This is a real commitment. In fact, I’m already keeping two alive, for safety’s sake, if you don’t give God someone would drop you to the ground and break the mason jar in which I keep the leaven. A year and a half of work would be ruined

Said the actor, who is the father of three children anyway.

He’s not kidding when it comes to his kids

Tom Hardy’s first child, Louis, was born in 2008, and his mother is assistant director Rachael Speed. Besides him, he also has a little daughter and a little son who were born to his second wife, Charlotte Riley. By the way, he met the actress on the filming of Roaring Winds, and five years later they got married. The actor is fearfully guarding his children, having previously stated that as long as he and his wife are photographed, there is nothing wrong, but if someone moves his camera towards the children, he is not on board.

I’ll take the camera off you and get the shit out of you too. It really hurts. My kids didn’t ask that my job be what it is. There is something very outrageous about forcing the adult world on children

He said earlier Esquire magazine.

By the way, the actor is not as serious in every subject as he is in raising children. This summer, for example, he repeatedly reminded everyone that because he was an actor and loved to experiment, he had, of course, had sex with men as well – adding that this phase had already ended in his life.

Seriousness here or there, it’s important to mention that Hardy tends to lose his head even during filming breaks. THE Screenrant according to him, for example, there were examples of him almost pulling in one of his colleagues, Shia LaBeouf. During the filming of Unstoppable, the actors who formed the siblings allegedly colluded with each other so brutally that they almost beat each other brain-to-head, but eventually they somehow managed to take a deep breath and work could continue. In any case, the incident did not shed good light on Hardy in Hollywood, and LaBeouf’s reputation has always been quasi-controversial in the industry.

As for the new part of Venom, if all is true, we will see it in cinemas in October, the date of the premiere will be decided by the pandemic. Looking at the announcers, there will be no shortage of bloodbaths in the second episode, and the already well-accustomed conflict between Eddie Brock and Venom will also be important, as the man still doesn’t want his symbiote to feast on people. According to Screenrant’s new photo, the film will also feature a chicken that Brock is fearfully trying to save from the hungry staring Venom, but for lack of context, it is not known whether the winged serves some sacred purpose for which he must survive, or whether he serves as a subject to monster switch to animal feed.

(Cover image: Tom Hardy. Photo: John Phillips / Getty Images)

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