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The young talent at first glared at the fame for not doing so, after all, overnight the world lay at his feet. However, as time went on, it pretty much slowly crystallized that wolf laws dominated a brand famous for its sweetness.

For years, we’ve known this and what comes with a Disney star contract. There are strange rules lined up between the lines, such as the requirement for star children to speak louder than their own, or to refrain from wearing a bikini. A good few criteria applied to the Hannah Montana also to the protagonist, who later found out that they did not match his values ​​at all, in fact – the brand even stretched out its name.

The singer was reportedly not allowed to take off the glittery-girly bumps at the end of the series because they already belong to her image. However, they were banned from showing a lot of shows and, overall, from giving any sign of interest in sexuality. Miley finally waited until she turned 18, and in 2010 something completely new started in her career.

He made his debut this year Can’t Be Tamed album, in which she showed well that she was mature. Disney also threw in its discovery afterwards, with a former colleague reporting that the album had been released the next day after the album was released, with Miley Cyrus not even on offer.

I worked for Radio Disney as a promotional assistant. I’m not kidding about how the album came out, Disney cut off all contact with Miley Cyrus the very next day. We couldn’t play his music on the radio. We couldn’t even mention it. Nothing

– quoted Jose Mendoza as saying Mirror.

The singer was seemingly unaffected by the Disney campaign and shed the songs in a row as she dropped more and more clothes off herself. Miley a We Can’t Stop He was still wearing hot pants in the clip of Wrecking Balland nakedness and hammering came. The seemingly bourgeois behavior then culminated at the 2013 MTV VMA awards ceremony when the singer stood on stage with Robin Thicke and then stretched her tongue down a makeshift costume to her duo partner. The singer looked shocked at the time, but Miley later stated that Thickle knew exactly what was going to happen during the performance, and even said she herself wanted to wear as few clothes as possible during the joint performance, she wrote. Mirror.

Miley Cyrus didn’t care about the negative echo. As he said, the rookie girl role that Disney had to do with it had nothing to do with his true self. In the light of that production, he also stated that he will not apologize for he did nothing wrong. The singer lived her life following this creed. He was not ashamed and often scattered his social pages with quite intimate content.

An important milestone in his life was his relationship with Liam Hemsworth and his brief marriage. It’s the two young people Last song in the filming of fim in 2009. They got engaged four years later, but soon after they set out on separate journeys. They dated several and then found each other back in 2016. They went on a ticket again for two years and then kept the lagging lag. However, love was not saved by marriage either, in 2019 they broke up permanently. The divorce was accompanied by an awkward scandal, as the singer almost did not say that she and Liam Hemsworth were on a separate journey, she was comforted by an actress named Kaitlynn Carter – which she did not hide from the world. A kissing photo was taken of them, and then the news was that they had fallen on top of each other in a nightclub, even if they had taken their place in an adult film. The actor filed for divorce after that incidentIn August 2019. Kaitlynn Carter anyway did not last long. The romance was over before the cool weather arrived.

Miley then began a relationship with Cody Simpson, whose quasi-strange moments she revealed to the world. They behaved like a high school couple, shamelessly licking and eating each other, but the singer was said to be theatrical with her younger love. The overheated romance is finally over it cooled in less than a yearand the singer has since focused more on her career than on her love life.

His latest hit, The Kid, is shared with Lararo Without Yout released half a year ago and has since known that he is working on a thousand new albums, he recently wrote Billboard. Previous disc, a Plastic Hearts otherwise, it was quite a success, but it is not known if the new songs will be written in the rock line of last year’s album as well.

As for the singer, we’ve heard little about her in recent months. The news was mostly about his flashes, but a few days ago he stopped posting such content. This may be because he mourns photographer Mick Rock, who recently passed away. In her last post, Miley also remembered the photographer she said they had worked with for barely a year.

(Cover photo: Miley Cyrus 2007. Photo: Joel Warren / Getty Images)

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