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FC Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman said indulgently after his team knocked out Bayern Munich 3-0 at home in the first round of the Football Champions League group stage.

The Bavarian team played football with great dominance, the Catalan team had a hard time leading attacks, and the Dutch coach later believed that the fans should remain realistic in the current position of Barca.

He pointed out that Ousmane Dembélé, Anssumane Fati, Martin Braithwaite and Sergio Agüero could not play due to injury, and Jordi Alba entered the field by being ill the night before.

You have to be realistic in life. Our young people have shown that we have a future and our injured will return. The situation is as it is now

He said at a news conference after Tuesday’s meeting.

He added, we still have to wait a few weeks to have more opportunities to organize the offensive game.

I don’t want to look for excuses, but everyone knows our problems with missing players

he continued.

Koeman highlighted the lack of speed, as he put it, making it very difficult to play against a team like Bayern Munich.

At the same time, he also mentioned that he was a little tired of always having to explain, he was always forced to talk about the same thing, and at the same time he promised that in a few weeks the situation would be different because the injured would return and be fitter.


(Cover image: Pedri is perhaps Barcelona’s greatest hope – David Ramos / Getty Images)

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