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The Hungarian national team cannot expect an ankle injury in this match Dibusz Dénesre, struggling with thigh muscle injury Kleinheisler László, cannot enter the field due to disqualification Botka Change, Willi Orbán and by prior agreement, he traveled back to the CoR in Leipzig following a match against the Albanians, replaced by Balogh Botond, a young player from Parma.

The English lead the group with 19 points ahead of the Albanians (15), the Poles (14) and ours (10), so the Hungarian team has only a theoretical chance of one of the first two places. At the back of the table, Andorra (3) is ahead of San Marino with a win against each other (0).

Gareth Southgate, the English captain recently stressed that although there will be a change in the team that plays, he will proudly wear the English jersey and keep in good form this year.

Marco Rossit we asked whether, after Sándor Egervári resigned after the Dutch qualifier for 8-1, he planned to get up from the bench in the event of a big difference, or if he felt enough strength in himself and his team to make it to the European Championship qualifiers. .

There are two solutions in every coach’s life if the results don’t come, or he gives up or gives up. I’ve never given up as a player or coach, and I won’t start tomorrow either. I want to fight my players not only in tomorrow’s game but also in November. There will be a discussion, if some people feel I have to go, I will leave. I feel confident, I still have four years out of my contract, but it’s too early to talk about it now. Now we want to do our best against England.

We also asked the captain whether, as his chances of playing in the World Cup have been minimized, he will use the remaining matches to build a new team for the European Championship qualifiers.

When a team comes to the end of something, they need to think seriously about the future. We are no longer competing for the World Cup. Young people must always be included. When we came in 2018, we still incorporated a lot, a third of the frame remained from the period before, and two-thirds have been built in ever since. In England, this is nothing new, young people are regularly given the opportunity.

Asked by a report from the captain, after a painful defeat, they tried to find a way to get the right mental preparation, and tactically he was waiting for an extremely difficult match because everyone knows the qualities of the opponent. He hopes we can play a good match with the European Championship finalist.

Among the players, Ádám Bogdán answered the questions of the journalists, in connection with which it was raised whether he would defend against the English tomorrow.

I really like him as a goalkeeper, he is an extremely professional player, I also called him to the European Championships because he deserved it. I called him now because of the injury of Dénes Dibusz. But he will not protect, it will be a replacement. I hope you get a lot of opportunities in Fradi in the future and I would count on it in the future. He is a very positive person. If we were as good at every post as our goalkeepers, we would be much better.

Ádám Bogdán he said, looking for a better option, no repair could be found at Wembley.

Nice to be here, fantastic place. We had two unsuccessful matches against Albania, we already have a bad taste, but we can’t get any better as we can play and improve against one of the best teams in the world at Wembley. We can play against the best players in the world, I trust we can forget the bad mood and play like at the European Championships with the big teams.

A Willi Orbán Regarding Balogh Botond, who was called in to replace him, the captain pointed out that he had been watching for a long time, he did not receive any more invitations due to his injuries, but he asked Zoltán Gera’s U21 team about the match against the Germans to count on him.

It is difficult to negotiate with the Leipzig club, but they are trying to compromise.

Orbán had a fever last week, RB Leipzig could have done not to let him go for the two matches, but we agreed to play in the first, we would let him back to his club in the second.

On an English question, he said that the rival in Budapest proved that he was excellent not only individually, but also as a team, and took advantage of every opportunity. Ours, however, held up well for 55 minutes, you can draw from this experience, not play with fear.

He added to the question about 6: 3 that we are living in different times now, we have to stay realistic. But without fear, we have to play duel, winning battles against the stars in the best leagues and teams in the world.

He referred to the atrocities experienced in the Hungarian match, and repeatedly emphasized that only due to the manifestations of a very small group, the fan base was negatively centered, and Hungary was an extremely democratic and tolerant country.

He hopes for a similar spirit from his team as in Budapest until the first goal. It seems to him that this is a trend here that a good performance is followed by a setback, he wants to recover from it. He reiterated that it would have been a miracle to play in the World Cup, and although we were in Paris in the match against the French and Germans at the European Championships, we are not at their level.



ROUND 8 (October 12)

20.45: England-Hungary

20.45: Albania-Poland

8.45pm: San Marino – Andorra

ROUND 9 (November 12)

20.45: Hungary – San Marino

20.45: Andorra-Poland

20.45: England-Albania

ROUND 10 (November 15)

20.45: Poland-Hungary

20.45: Albania-Andorra

20.45: San Marino–Anglia

Group status: 1. England 19 points, 2. Albania 15, 3. Poland 14, 4. Hungary 10, 5. Andorra 3, 6. San Marino 0

(Cover image: Marco Rossi, the federal captain of the Hungarian national football team, held a press conference at Wembley Stadium in London on October 11, 2021. Photo: Tamás Kovács / MTI)

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