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After the Hungarian football team scored a brilliant score in England, Marco Rossi talked about the players giving everything on the field, but it is difficult to manage that after a good result they are considered heroes, and if the team is knocked out, they are idiots. Gareth Southgate believes that the Hungarian team deserved the draw at the home of the English team with the European Championship final.

Ours took the lead with a penalty from Roland Sallai in the middle of the first half, equalized soon with a close hit from host John Stones, and no more goals were scored.

We followed the agreed tactics until the last minute, played football with heart and soul, and the players added something a little plus. We’ve been a little lucky, as we always have been for the last nine years. We met an English team that might not have been on the top

He began his press conference Marco Rossi.

The Italian expert is pleased to have scored a point again at Wembley for the first time since 1953, but finds it difficult to see sudden changes in mood regarding the national team’s judgment.

As far as I know, this is the first time that Hungary has scored in Wembley since 6: 3. I was another idiot after last week’s match against Albania, and frankly, this situation is hard for me to handle. If we win, we are heroes, if we don’t, we are judged quite differently. Three months ago, we were past a great European Championship. I said at the draw that the World Cup is a dream, it’s over for us, but it always hurts when non-real fans describe us after a bad match. We are not the idiots we are set for

The captain added.

He was then asked about the grandstand incident at the beginning of the first half some members of the Hungarian fan base clashed with the police, the news was that one of the stewarts was hit by a racist stroke, followed by police intervention.

No comment

– answered the question briefly, then a representative of the English media remarked that he had managed to achieve what he wanted on Monday, namely that they could retire with a raised head, but the fans let him down with their behavior, but Rossi replied. that he has nothing to add, for whatever he reacts, they would twist his words.

For the English Tyrone Mings he was the first to answer questions from journalists.

We have achieved a disappointing result, we always set the bar high for ourselves, we have not been able to transfer this now. The Hungarian national team is a good team, it’s hard to play against it, but I feel we’ve lost two points rather than one.

Aston Villa’s defender was also asked about the disorder in the auditorium, but he couldn’t say anything about it either.

Gareth Southgate he reacted after the blowout by hearing from reporters for the first time that something like this had happened. He noticed that there was a big roar in the crowd, and if it really happened what journalists mentioned, it is not acceptable, however, as he does not know the details, he does not want to go into it.

However, he reacted to the question of the resistance of the Hungarian team and to the difference between the success of the knockout in Budapest and the match that ended in a draw.

The Hungarian national team played very well today. He also showed that he can perform well in the European Championships against top teams in the summer. In Budapest, the Hungarians opened up a bit in the defense, they were very disciplined throughout today, they paid close attention to the counterattacks, they deserved that one point.

London, Wembley Stadium, 69 380 viewer. V: A. Hernández (Spanish)
ANGLIA: Pickford – K. Walker, Stones, Mings, Shaw – Rice, Foden, Mount – Sterling (Henderson, 76.), Kane (Abraham, 76., Watkins, 92.), Grealish (Saka, 63.). Federal Captain: Gareth Southgate
HUNGARY: Gulácsi – Lang, Kecskés, Szalai A. – Nego (Bolla, 92.), Nagy Á., Szoboszlai (Nikolics, 92.), Schäfer (Vécsei, 79.), Nagy Zs. – Schön (Holender, 68.), Sallai (Hahn, 79). Federal Captain: Marco Rossi
Gólszerző: Stones (37.), resp. Sallai (from 24 to 11)

Albania-Poland 0-1 (Swiderski 77.) – interrupted

San Marino – Andorra 0–3 (Pujol 10., S. Moreno 55., Betriu 89.)

ROUND 9 (November 12)

20.45: Hungary – San Marino

20.45: Andorra-Poland

20.45: England-Albania

ROUND 10 (November 15)

20.45: Poland-Hungary

20.45: Albania-Andorra

20.45: San Marino–Anglia

Group status: 1. England 20 points 2. Poland 17, 3. Albania 15, 4. Hungary 11, 5. Andorra 6, 6. San Marino 0

(Cover image: the joy of the Hungarian national team after the draw – MTI / Tamás Kovács)

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