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We are already used to backstage photos from Péter Szijjártó, but Viktor Orbán has also posted a joint picture with a Hungarian musician, and most recently he photographed Aleandra Szentkirály with a Hungarian icon. Now it’s Gergely Christmas’s turn: the mayor wasn’t posing for the camera with anyone, standing next to Patti Smith in the picture, who is giving a concert at the Palace of Arts tonight.

People Have the Power must have been heard by many people who have visited any of my campaign events lately. The song has long been one of my favorites, as it’s all about everything, after all, depends on the power of the people, the power is really theirs

The politician began his entry.

Today, I was honored to meet Patti Smith, the songwriter, in person. I am glad to welcome you in Budapest, I hope not for the last time. He will give a concert in the evening where I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience to sing People Have The Power together.

Patti Smith himself announced on his Instagram page that he had arrived in Budapest.

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