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A young Turkish man just 24 years old has become the latest top holder, whose name does not now appear for the first time in the Guinness Book of Records.

Photo: Guinness World Records / youtube

Rumeysa Gelgi’s astonishing 215-centimeter height was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records on Wednesday, officially making her the tallest woman in the world – having held the title of tallest teenager since she was 18 for nearly seven years.

An interview with Gelgi revealed that its enormous size is caused by an extremely rare disorder called Weaver Syndrome, with only approximately fifty people worldwide living with it. Characteristics of this syndrome include early growth that begins early before birth and continues throughout childhood and adolescence.

He says he gets very kind and supportive words from most people, many people are asked to take a picture of him on the street, but sometimes he also catches a weird look, although he doesn’t think that would be a particular problem.

Personally, I think we should strive to take advantage of our disadvantages. Accept yourself for who you are, be aware of your opportunities and make the most of yourself

He said Rumeysa Gelgi after receiving the recognition.

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