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The third season of the TLC series is in which viewers can follow the lives of two severely obese brothers, Tammy and Amy Slaton, as well as their weight loss story.

Tammy, 35, weighed nearly 350 pounds when he was taken away for his food addiction. There, she also successfully lost 27 pounds in two months, and now she feels it would be better if she went home to continue losing weight there.

Fans were anxious to receive his decision, saying it was not a good idea at all for Tammy to leave the abstinence, where they were constantly helping to control her appetite.

I miss my bed, my family. I think I’m ready to go home. I want to lose weight alone

Tammy explained on the TLC reality show.

I know I should lose weight, but 27 pounds is a good start. I’ve been here long enough to know what it takes to do this. I have to do it. If I ordered something anyway, it would be a burger a day, nothing more. Just one burger a day

Tammy explained.

“That’s exactly why I’m worried,” the institution’s head, Kelly Yarborogh, responded to the burger idea, with whom fans can only agree.

Fans explained after the announcement that this is not a very good idea for Tammy, she should stay if she has already been given this opportunity.

Honestly, I was hoping for this until Tammy brought up a burger thing a day.

– writes a fan.

Bound I believe he can make his own decision when it comes to weight

Another spectator wrote.

When he said it was a burger a day, I thought Kelly would jump up and strangle him. There are those who cannot be helped

– commenters write during the video.

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