The 53-year-old actor revealed which bars he likes to go to while promoting his last James Bond film, No Time to Die.

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Daniel Craig a SiriusXM Lunch with Bruce entitled podcast he was a guest. The conversation, of course, talked about his latest film and also that he no longer takes on the role of 007, but the most interesting moment was when Craig admitted to going to gay bars for years.

I’ve been going to gay bars for as long as I know

The actor shared in the podcast.

One of the most important reasons is that I don’t get into fights so often in gay bars … I was simply tired of the aggression I experienced in hetero bars. I already knew in my youth that if I went to have fun with a huge big spot on my face I would come home, in places like this it doesn’t happen. Everyone is loose, everyone

Said Craig, who has been married since 2011 to his wife, Rachel Weis, with whom they recently had a baby girl whose name has not yet been revealed.

The actor later added that it is also not a negligible reason

that as a straight man it was very easy for him to pick up girls in a gay bar,

as at first surprisingly, but understandably, mainly because of the safe environment, many of them also choose gay bars over an average nightclub.

(Source: Just Jared)

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