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The foreign minister shared a picture of herself in a hooded leotard with a ribbed wall and a purple fitness ball behind her – commenters say – 65lbs deadlift.

The description reveals that he is kneading for the Slovenian-Hungarian joint government meeting. The audience is probably looking forward to showing you there as well: how much weight you can lift / break. The 20 and 17.5 kg hand dumbbells could not have been accidentally exposed there, maybe it wasn’t the wind that carried them there …

There is another interesting thing in the text attached to the condom image. As Szijjártó puts it:

We slept fast.

The question arises: how can you sleep fast? Examining the statement semantically, we can state several things, from the otherwise incorrect or very language-innovating two-word sentence part.

You can’t sleep fast, because sleep expresses the passage of time. And time is something that changes at a constant “speed.” An hour will never pass sooner than 60 minutes. It is a unit of measurement, it can be neither more nor less. Of course, the perception of the passage of time may change. We can feel that a minute has passed as slowly as if it had been an hour, and vice versa.

Sleeping fast here can mean that you fell asleep quickly. It could also have been written that we slept a little, but the mood of this would suggest that the author is sorry. The term “fast”, on the other hand, radiates dynamism, energy, which is in perfect harmony with the image as well. Fast sleep refers to purposefulness, motivation, and being overrated for sleep because of serious tasks awaiting him during waking hours, such as punching in the foreign biceps with 20-pound dumbbells and attending a government seat – but the latter, above it doesn’t come through so much from the picture.

In the same place, we have already seen a kneading minister: Arnold Scwarzenegger. And there might be an even rougher-bounced president in the world if Dwayne Johnson ran for election one day.

Update: One reader pointed out that Arnold Schwarzenegger had once explained what Sleep Faster meant. In essence, all you have to do is sleep 6 hours instead of 8 hours, so we have two hours more time for everything.

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