Keanu Reeves also turned to Stephen Colbert Colbert Questionert in the show entitled The Late Show-ban.

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The star of The Matrix Films was the guest of the show on Wednesday night, where, among other things, he ran a twenty-question quiz to find out what the celebrity’s preferences are, what he considers the most frightening animal, or who he’s asked for an autograph in his life.

In response to the latter, Keanu revealed that in his lifetime he had only asked for signatures from two people so far, first from Lou Reed of The Velvet Underground, but also, as it turned out, only to a buddy.

It wasn’t for me – a friend. Lou took it easy. It was a small piece of paper with blue ink and it was just »Lou Reed«

Said the actor, who then switched to the second celebrity, from whom he asked for an autograph. It was none other than comedian George Carlin, who starred with Keanu in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure in the film.

I’m so envious. I’m such a big fan

He told Stephen Keanu, who also revealed what was on the autograph.

He wrote… I think, “Dear Keanu, b * szd at it!” I always thought he was writing this just for me, and then I met someone else who said he wrote the same thing to him! I was a little disappointed, but it was a beautiful experience anyway

The actor finished.

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