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The communication of Péter Márki-Zay, the prime ministerial candidate who won the opposition pre-election, is, to put it mildly, controversial and foggy. However, this does not in the least disturb his crowded fan base, whose members resent on Facebook with astonishing passion who dares to criticize him for his statements and dare to question MZP’s main message, which can still be summarized in the only sentence that Lajos Simicska has since retired. with a pen on an advertising column that ye. O1G.

For me, MZP has always come to mind from the legendary Mézga family since he appeared on the slippery and trapped stage of the public as a politician called to lead Hungary. József Romhányi introduced him to the audience of the cartoon series: “A member of the family belonging to the family – in the degree of Köbunokai – belongs to the 30th century.” Word for word, MZP’s career since 1990 – when he graduated in Hódmezővásárhely – is a bit utopian.

According to his biography, he earned a degree in economics, history and electrical engineering in eight years, a doctorate and a PhD, studied three languages ​​at tertiary level, and then went to Canada and the United States. There, he relaunched his career as an immigrant, acquiring Canadian citizenship, and accumulated success in five years. Meanwhile, in a harmonious marriage, she raised seven children and returned to her city to become a university lecturer. As an active Catholic, he became the secular leader of the local parish and in 2018 was elected mayor of the city. This is what MZPerX does after that, Köbüki!

Honestly, I am not surprised that in the midst of so much preoccupation, although in theory he dealt with the history of his homeland, as he wrote his doctoral dissertation entitled Comparative Analysis of the Development of Hungary, some circumstances escaped his attention. Among other things, that

in our case, the “Jewish question” must be handled with extreme care and caution by a politician who is seeking to form a government.

Although this is a really complex problem – you. the conflicts stemming from the coexistence of Jews and non-Jews and the resulting tensions in the collective consciousness – largely caused and kept on the agenda by anti-Semitic politicians between the two world wars, yet played a key role in the assassination of more than half a million Hungarian Jews.

The MZP repeatedly claimed that he was a believer in the peaceful coexistence of all Hungarian minorities and asked him to be “blackened” on charges of anti-Semitism, saying he was able to say that “there are some Jews in Fidesz, albeit few”. One such remark recalls a parliamentary speech by Márton Gyöngyösi, a representative of Jobbik, in the autumn of 2012, in which he asked for an assessment of “how many people of Jewish descent there are in the Hungarian Parliament and in the Hungarian government who pose a certain national security risk to Hungary. ”. This statement caused great domestic and international outrage at the time, as it was used to attack Fidesz one by one, as the Liberals considered the Jobbik Hungary party to be a potential ally of Viktor Orbán.

Is it any wonder that when the Jobbik-backed MZP today makes such a statement, and Arthur Finkelstein, a former Fidesz campaign adviser, was publicly called a “gay Jew,” he was therefore described as “anti-Semitic and homophobic” in the Times of Israel blog? The author of the article “expiring” the MZP is the historian László Veszprémy, a Holocaust researcher, author of several remarkable and acclaimed books dealing with twentieth-century Hungarian history.

After publishing this blog post, which has since been deleted, Veszprém was called a “Fidesz-jerk Jewish worm” on Facebook by fanatical supporters of the MZP and threatened with physical violence, cutting his throat.

Election campaign here or where do we live that this kind of thing can happen? How can the liberal media not stand up to the threatened Veszprémy, and the HVG only reported the removal of the blog post, as did MÚOSZ, which only reported on its website that “the Trojan village of FIDESZ media failed”?

And if it was already about MZP’s controversial election promises and the historical ambitions that flashed in his dissertation, allow me to share my thoughts on these. I wondered what points in the program of the prime minister-designate would be realized if the opposition won more or less victory in the parliamentary elections in April 2022.

The MZP is unlikely to be able to get as many MPs as it can form a parliamentary faction, and if it gains a seat, it will be referring to the two largest parties in everything. One will be the Democratic Coalition, which is not very friendly to Israel, and the other will be Jobbik, who is loud from anti-Semitic statements a few years ago. It can be assumed that what will be agreed between DK and Jobbik in economic policy, in domestic and foreign policy, especially in terms of our role in the European Union. For the time being, this is covered by the beneficial ambiguity of the future.

We can almost be sure that after the victory of the opposition, the new government will “plow” the science of history and the institutes set up to cultivate it.

Within the framework of the expected “tabula rasa”, the Hungarian Research Institute, the Institute for the History of the Change of Regime and other similar institutions, which, according to the opposition politicians, served the System of National Cooperation, will be liquidated immediately. But they will not be satisfied with this: for the sake of “balance”, the House of Fates will be abolished together with the exhibition material prepared for it, and historians such as László Veszprémy or the author of these lines who do not dance the way they whistle will be impossible. Why do some people expect me, on the grounds that I am a second-generation Holocaust survivor, to be enthusiastic about this program?

The author is a historian and a publicist.

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(Cover image: Péter Márki-Zay on November 30, 2021. Photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)

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