The Albania-Poland World Cup qualifiers last night in Tirana culminated in a scandalous spectacle. The meeting was interrupted for 20 minutes after members of the Polish national team withdrew from the field, writes The Suns.

The Polish national team took the lead in the 77th minute through Karol Swiderski, after which the scandal broke out in the stadium.

The Albanian pushers threw the Polish players celebrating the goal with water bottles up close, successfully hitting several footballers.

The crosshairs of the attack included goal scorer Swiderski and Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski.

The match was interrupted immediately after the goal, the Polish players withdrew from the field. The meeting resumed after 20 minutes.

The Polish Drukkers then targeted Albanian fans with water bottles from the guest sector as well, but the meeting was no longer interrupted several times.

The World Championship qualifier ended with a 1-0 success, with Poland taking a huge step towards second place in the substitute qualifiers.

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