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“Everyone is frustrated, critical and self-critical. We have disappointed our fans and ourselves. We didn’t plan it that way, but if we had played until the day after tomorrow, we wouldn’t have won, we had played so much to the best of our knowledge, not following the tactical instructions, ”he said. László Nagy.

To the great surprise, the Hungarians never led in the match they lost to 31–28, which was their first stake in the MVM Dome. The vice-president of the Hungarian association recalled that they had tried to rotate the team by exchanges, and although they left two time-outs unused, in his view, this did not cause their loss.

As he said, then – in the second half – the team was in just such a period that it was able to catch up, and the professional staff did not want to block the momentum as the national team suffered more against a defensive wall.

I trust that even if at the cost of defeat, we have gone through the baptism of fire. We need to leave the past behind and pour our souls into the players. As the hours go by, they begin to calm down and become more liberated

Said Nagy, who said that they had seen good things professionally in the losing match.

He stressed that they have maximum confidence in the team and the ideas they want to realize together. The goal set earlier – to be in the top eight – will not be rewritten as a result of the stumbling block, and I want to continue to defeat Portugal on Sunday and Iceland on Tuesday.

“The team has shown its prettier, more competitive face many times. We are moving towards our goals. ”

Said the former world-class right-wing shooter.

The Hungarians have been training in the gym of the Hungarian Football Association’s training center in Telki since mid-December.

“I don’t see that as a problem, it’s not the end of the match. We decided this way so that instead of a lot of travel, the players can relax more, ”said László Nagy, who added that they would not change their program, they will continue to do so in Telki.

István Gulyás the federal captain revealed, the members of the professional staff felt a little helpless on the bench during the match because they tried several things, yet they failed to get into the game and reassure the players.

This compulsion to comply and cramping lasted until the end, and the team got into it. We made all the bucks and mistakes that existed in handball, including tactical mistakes

Said the manager.

He recalled that he was afraid of the magic of the first match, but they saw nothing from the Dutch other than what they were prepared for, meaning they picked up the ball very quickly and also played fast against one-on-one.

“We knew the first match would be very difficult. Unfortunately, the company completely froze and handcuffed thoughtlessly. We hope that this kind of tension will ease, the players will resolve, they will be able to handle the situation, and the next two will be a much better match, ”explained István Gulyás.

Banhidi I think It has been said about the ankle band injury that the Pick Szeged stand is under treatment and testing, it is not yet possible to say whether it can play on Sunday, but they will not risk its inclusion.

The meeting against Portugal on Sunday and then against Iceland on Tuesday will start at 6 pm at the MVM Dome. The first two finishers will advance to the semi-finals and take the result against the other to advance.

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