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Judit Polgár attended Marca Sports Weekend last weekend, where ABC he talked to his journalist. When asked if he thought he deserved a series similar to the one with the Chief, he replied that he had already made a great documentary about it, but many had not seen it yet. He thinks the Chief is a fantastic series that has promoted chess well. According to Judit Polgár, one of the best pulls with the Chief is to avoid politics and only talk about the characters and the game.

Beth’s fate is tougher than mine because of the orphanage and drugs, but my life is much more interesting

The chess player told ABC.

In connection with the series, it turns out several people have already told him that he should write a screenplay from his own story, but his own is so complicated that it can be told from at least ten points of view. Her life can be viewed from her own perspective, that of her parents, or her sisters, focusing on the learning process, the gender issue, or the political influence on her career. There are so many possible realizations that Citizen is confident; one day something will be done.

Garry Kasparov will also appear in the interview later. “It’s a fantastic chess talent, but after all, it’s just a woman,” Kasparov, a former world leader, said in an interview with Judit Polgár. In 1994, when they were playing against each other in Linares, the Russian cheated Citizen. He stepped on the horse, released it, then grabbed the figure again and finally placed it in another box. This goes against the rules.

Citizen in the interview says he forgave Kasparov and now has a good relationship. And he claims that this is the only situation in his life that he is trying to solve, no matter how he should have behaved. He thinks it was a mistake not to speak out about the fraud, but it was a good decision nonetheless. He didn’t know he was recording a game, he thought many would have suspected his opponent because he was about to lose.

What’s important to me is that he won, played better during the game. It just hurt a little that it happened. What’s worse is that after the recording came out, several people still assured Garri wouldn’t do that.

Said Citizen about the incident. According to him your opponent he did not do this sequence of movements unintentionally. He thinks this because Kasparov later did not acknowledge his actions. He believes many would have behaved the same way in that situation. He says there is only one winner in the incident: the media.

In February, Index also interviewed Judit Polgár, which you can read here.

(Cover image: Judit Polgár in 2014. Photo: Orsi Ajpek / Index)

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