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The members of the Hungarian men’s handball team were self-critical and, of course, disappointed after the loss of the European Championship Overture from the Netherlands to 31–28. In addition to the federal captain István Gulyás, Richárd Bodó, Máté Lékai and Márton Székely spoke to the Index.

“Unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes in the beginning, and that made us insecure. Our game became spasmodic, everyone wanted it very much, but this excessive effort led to childish mistakes, which were relentlessly exploited by the Dutch, ”István Gulyás began, then continued.

We played handball more slowly than we should have, our pace was good by the second half, but we got out of the many ups and downs, as well as from the turning points of the match.

The federal captain said there were no surprises in the opponent’s game, but he is confident the team has undergone a baptism of fire.

We were afraid of this match, it was special in a lot of ways, but we’re past it and I hope to provide our real knowledge on the field in the remaining two group matches.

Despite the three-goal defeat, the best of the Hungarian team is clearly in the first half as a substitute Márton Székely was, however, whose multiple brilliant defenses proved insufficient to succeed.

“I am very disappointed, this is not how we wanted to introduce ourselves in this wonderful arena and in front of the many Hungarian fans. When I ran into the track at the show, I could only smile, it was an incredible feeling and I wanted to enjoy every single moment.

Unfortunately, it was already felt at the beginning of the match that something was wrong, we didn’t give back almost anything to the professional staff they wanted to see from us, maybe that hurts the most.

According to the goalkeeper who strengthened the northern Macedonian Eurofarm Peliszter, the game in the first half could have been released to some extent, but the capital mistakes made in the second half were less so. “We messed up so many key moments that we were unable to come back to the match on time. Yet if we equalized earlier, I’m sure the arena would have exploded so much that things would turn in our favor and we wouldn’t have let victory out of our hands. “

Székely thought about the mood and the possible pressure on the players. “We are professional elite athletes, the pressure and spin is inherent in our lives, we can’t fail to do that.

For example, I lingered in this atmosphere, in a hall of more than 20,000, most of the fans are Hungarians, and in Hungary …

Everyone should have been on this wave, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. ”

The most successful player of the Hungarian team scored eight goals Máté Lékai However, this did not comfort the manager of Telekom Veszprém. “We started the match amazingly badly, we discussed things, yet we didn’t execute them. We were undisciplined, both during the attacks and during the defenses. In vain we played better in the second half, somehow the Dutch always found a goal, I am extremely disappointed. ”

The Index asked Léka what he thought was the reason for the plethora of balls sold and the many omissions. “On the one hand, the fact that we were only able to play one match before the European Championships, and on the other hand, the excitement must have played a part.

But these are just excuses, so many mistakes should not have been made from our dreams. Especially not ones that would not be possible even at an adolescent level, let alone in a European Championship …

The 33-year-old said it was amazing to play handball in front of so many Hungarian fans. “I am confident that despite the sore slap, people will come out on Sunday and Tuesday to push us in, we really need their support. We want to make them happy, even if we know that the meetings against the Portuguese and the Icelanders will be extremely difficult. ”

Bodó Richárd he was the real leader of the team in the second half, his distant bombs finding their way to the Dutch goal. The Pick Szeged player was also disappointed. “Based on the second half, we might have deserved a draw, but I can only repeat the others, so many mistakes don’t fit into this level. The Dutch penalized our omissions, so overall, unfortunately, they deservedly won the meeting. I am very sorry that our presentation was so bad, we wanted to serve the enthusiastic audience. ”

The 28-year-old ball shooter highlighted that there was a lot of individuality on the team, many times everyone wanted to solve situations alone and quickly, and that made the game hurried.

I don’t understand what was the reason for this, as the key to previous successes was that we worked together as a real team, which was now missing in several periods of the match.

According to Bodó, the key in Sunday’s match against the Portuguese will be how well the players can decouple themselves from the failure against the Dutch and get involved in another fight with a clear card and a clear head.

The Hungarian men’s handball team will play its second group match against Portugal on Sunday at 6 pm at the MVM Dome in Budapest.

(Cover image: Bodnár Patrícia / Index)

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