Index - Sport - Shock at the European Championship Overture: The Netherlands defeates the men's national team

István Gulyás was able to nominate 16 people for the match, according to the decision of the federal captain, Ádám Borbély, Mátyás Győri, Bence Nagy and Stefan Sunajko were left out of the frame.

Fans of the brand new, multifunctional arena, handed over a few weeks ago, had been rushed by fans a few days before the match, not only for the overture against the Netherlands, but also for the group match against the Portuguese and Icelanders. So there was no complaint about the atmosphere, the 20,022 drukker received the Hungarian team in an amazing atmosphere even during the warm-up.

The atmosphere, however, did not discourage the Dutch, who, to some surprise, started the match much better. Kát Smits’ goal was answered by Máthé Dominik, scoring the first home goal at the European Championships, and then Bence Bánhidi’s equalization came to Luc Seins.

Afterwards, however, Erlingur Richardsson’s unit left the Hungarians standing, after a 5–1 attack, István Gulyás was forced to ask for time in a 7–3 disadvantage.

Unfortunately, the picture of the game did not change, our defense did not want to team up, and the Dutch goalkeeper also defended two sevens in addition to the zigzags, so in the 20th minute, the opponent playing in the light blue jersey led by five goals, 10–5. Márton Székely, who replaced Roland Mikler, also presented key feats at the Hungarian goal. Unfortunately, after a beautiful Chinese figure, the best of the match so far, Kay Smith, scored a beauty award, but Bánhidi still beautified it at the last minute, Thus, it was 13–10 at half-time in favor of the Netherlands.

The biggest difference was the efficiency of the attacks between the two teams, both teams led 23-23 actions, of which the Dutch threw 13 goals against the Hungarians’ 10 hits.

We started the second part of the game, luckily with a goal, Máté Lékai was successful from the week, then after a quick ball and a run down, there was only one of them left through Bóka Bendegúz. In the next few minutes, the goals fell alternately, but the tie just didn’t want to come together. Moreover, Bart Ravensbergen defended Máthé’s streak at a disadvantage, so in the 35th minute the Dutch could attack again for the three-goal advantage, but fortunately they threw the streak next to him.

Unfortunately, we were still inaccurate in the attack, we scattered a lot of balls unnecessarily and the score changed to 14-17 through Dani Baijens. Lékai’s minutes followed, the manager of Telekom Veszpérm threw two goals in a row, but the rapid Dutch setbacks also proved successful, with the Netherlands taking the lead 20 minutes before the end of the match (16-19).

Bobby Schagen scored from the wind, but then we got a double human advantage, and Rutger van Telde was permanently issued a red card after being videotaped. There was a good chance of catching up, Rodriguez Pedro hit him right away and then After the many feats of Szekler Lékai narrowed the gap to two (18–20). After Székely’s new defense, Bánhidi unfortunately spoiled the story, but the Dutch had already punished him.

Topic Petar’s first goal came at the best possible time, with another week sold less. There was another rush period, goals here and there, so the teams had a 25-23 Dutch advantage for the last 10 minutes, after the Hungarian professional staff asked for time. Bodó Richárd he took the team on his back, threw the goals in a row and we were there again at the equalizer gate, four minutes before the end the Dutch advantage melted to 28-27.

And finally the ice was broken, Lékai equalized, but due to a naughty cunder goal after the rush, unfortunately the draw was only momentary.

The Dutch could attack for the win in the last minute and Samir Benghanem ended the match with a lucky, bouncing goal, and Dani Baijens gave the punch in the last second.

The Netherlands surprisingly won 31–28, so the Hungarian men’s handball team started the continental tournament with a defeat. It can and must be improved against Portugal from 18.00 on Sunday!

GROUP B (MVM Dome, Budapest)

Hungary-Netherlands 31-28 (10-13)

(Cover image: Bodnár Patrícia / Index)

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