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The CS: GO competition has already taken place, it was won by the Gambit team, which is currently ranked third in the world rankings. The Russians defeated the best of Russia’s Entorpiq in Sunday’s final.

President of the Association for One Million Hungarian Exports, Balázs Biro provided more detailed information.

“With the online release of the V4 Future Sports Festival 2021, our goal is to deepen the socio-cultural ties of the Visegrad Four by strengthening the competition in the special epidemiological situation, strengthening the common identity of the V4 audience, and using the opportunity to conduct online in the Balkans beyond V4. and the involvement of Eastern European countries in the festival ecosystem.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the event was missed last year, but now, although only behind closed doors, it has returned. We also received positive experiences and feedback from the 2018 and 2019 tournaments, so we were happy to host it again. Once again, the coronavirus made it difficult to organize, but to the best of our ability, we tried to provide players with the same standards they could get used to before, with security at the forefront, of course. ”

We learned from the president that the athletes were housed in a hotel close to the event, in a kind of bubble, as is customary at any other traditional sporting event. Balázs Biro emphasized that the two most important components of online broadcasting and competition are the provision of adequate electricity and the Internet,

The first festival was followed by roughly two million and the second by two and a half million. Based on forecasts and thanks to professional mediation, this time we are expecting the interest of roughly four million individual users. ”

In terms of awards, the total prize pool for the V4 Future Sports Festival is € 350,000 (approximately HUF 130 million), of which € 25,000 is for FIFA and € 325,000 for CS: GO. It is also clear from this that the team-based inside-view shooting game is much more popular in the online space, which, as we wrote earlier, was won by the Russian Gambit team in Budapest.

The battles for the most popular football video game series began on Tuesday with group matches. Eight nations took part in the competition: in addition to the V4 countries (Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia), Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Romania were invited to the tournament. In the match against 2 in 2, Hungary competed in the domicile team of Dominik Szoboszlai, DomiNation Gábor Molnár (molnargabo) and Krisztián Majorosi (chris_maj), represented by LV_Esports Team.

In the qualifiers on Tuesday, Poland and the Czech Republic reached the semi-finals on Wednesday, and today the Hungarians started fighting the Romanians. The first meeting of the two-match duel was won by the Gabos 3–2, and then the second in the same proportion, so it was a great start. In the next round, the first match against the Serbs was 2–2, who in turn won the second for 1–0, so after two rounds, the victory in the last round was mandatory against Croatia, which had been without points until then.

FIFA-torna a V4 Future Sports Festivalon

V4 Future Sports Festival / Esportmilla / Kiss Gergely

In the first minutes, the Hungarians escaped two big situations, but after that they quickly matted the best of Croatia three times with quick contrasts and finally won 4–1, so it was also possible for the Croats to pull the rematch to 2–1. Due to the goal difference, regardless of the result of the last match, the Serbian-Romanian match, the Hungarian team advanced to the straight relegation stage, where the Czech Republic will be the opponent in the semi-finals.

“After the group matches, the players said,“ We’ve practiced a lot in the last few days, we expected every duel to be close and that’s how it happened. The first battle against the Romanians was important so that we could play confidently in the next matches.

Moving forward was our primary goal, and we accomplished that.

The 2 on 2 system has been introduced in the new FIFA, the first international competition to play in such a line-up. We have to communicate a lot, we have to think a little with our other heads, but based on the results, we are confident about tomorrow’s placeholders, ”he told Index Gábor Molnár.

“Krisztián Majorosi assessed this: The first victory was key against the Romanians, we finished it with relative confidence. After that, the fight against the Serbs was very balanced, we were a bit unlucky, but we knew that the battle against the Croats would be the most important. There, although they fell a lot for us, we quickly gained a confident three-goal advantage from the counterattacks, and we were able to keep that already in the second match.

In the beginning, Gabo and I had to get used to each other’s style, but in the three days before the race, we almost read each other’s thoughts.

We look forward to the straightest outage to get the best results possible. ”

(Cover image: V4 Future Sports Festival / Esportmilla / Kiss Gergely)

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