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The Hungarian Swimming Association issued a statement dissociating itself from the statement made by Zoltán Borbély, Chairman of the Association’s Appeals Committee.

The criminal lawyer recently gave Bors an interview. In this, he said, among other things, that Liliana Szilágyi did not have to fear her father and did not need police protection, as the public surrounding her case provided her with protection.

In this case, the public provides more protection than if someone is declared particularly protected. I think it is inconceivable that in the current situation Zoltán Szilágyi would pose a threat to his daughter

Said Zoltán Borbély. “Anyway, this case is a tragedy for an excellent family,” he added in the interview.

The Hungarian Swimming Association has now distanced itself from this statement. A notice of this has already been sent to Blikk.

The Hungarian Swimming Association is incomprehensible dr. Before Zoltán Borbély’s statement on the case of Liliána Szilágyi, published today, after he was not entitled to speak on behalf of MÚSZ in this case, as the chairman of the Appeals Committee

– wrote in this, adding: what Zoltán Borbély said was in no way considered the position of MÚSZ and they would take the necessary steps within the organization due to the statement.

The announcement also stated that the committee of inquiry requested by MÚSZ was working on the matter, but the members had undertaken a duty of confidentiality and did not provide information to the leaders of MÚSZ until the end of the investigation.

However, as promised, as soon as the committee has completed its work, we will inform the public immediately of the report adopted by the Bureau.

– wrote the Hungarian Swimming Association.

In connection with Liliana Szilágyi’s case, we recently asked a criminal linguist to analyze a letter written by the Olympian’s sister, Gerda, at the beginning of the scandal. In her opinion, 99 percent said the girl was not alone in writing the writing.

(via Glance, BorsOnline)

(Cover image: Liliana Szilágyi. Photo: István Huszti / Index)

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