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He didn’t really like swimming, he only got a taste of karate, but Péter Kenderesi, the second and third place winner of the Olympic bronze medal at the European Championships, was anchored six years ago by Tamás Kenderesi, who was nine years younger. You’re starting to prove you’ve chosen a good “port”. The third, but not the youngest, son of the family who moved from the small village of Tolna to Pécs got acquainted with his martial arts six years ago, and is now one of the most successful players not only in the youth but also in the junior age group. If, following the guidance of his masters, Antal Kersics and Dávid Kersics, he can meet even greater challenges with due diligence, his Olympic dreams can come true. For the time being, it is not possible to be sure, but the chances are higher that in addition to Tamás, who won the youth Olympics in 2014 and then won an bronze medal in Rio, Péter will also get to the five-ring competitions. Where then they can take turns cheering for each other. They can hardly compete successfully with the Lőrincz brothers, who are among the country’s favorites, but if the Kenderes brothers really represented the Hungarian colors in Paris, it would be far from a family pride.

Each other t be anticipated

It’s no secret that in the evenings, when we stick our heads together with Tom and evaluate our results among ourselves, we sometimes even talk about our Olympic plans. My brother is the more experienced, he has already fought many big battles, yet he is curious about how I feel about his training as a much younger athlete. I could say that we are pushing each other forward as much as possible. We are good brothers, Kenderesi boys well equipped with muscles, but it has never occurred to me to challenge me to a chant. If, on the other hand, you would recklessly stop with me for a friendly judo match, I would have to hold myself back because I don’t know my catches. In addition, I should take care not to injure me, ”Péter Kenderesi, an athlete from PVSK, told the Szress Press News Service.

In May of this year, the young judo took a third place in the junior national championship, daring to be one higher than his own age, and in September he received a gold medal at the youth OB, as well as recently in the “B” class championship of the national competition for juniors. He was also among the top ten in international competitions, the European Youth Championship and a European Cup.

He would get half a pool from his brother

Péter did not choose a Hungarian or foreign role model for himself, but he considers it an exceptional success that Atom Anti, real name Antal Kovács, became an Olympic champion in Barcelona in 1992, and Krisztián Tóth recently returned home from Tokyo with a bronze medal.

I pay attention to the greatness of the sport, I try to get everything useful from them, but the most important thing for me is to be able to get the most out of my own style. I don’t reveal my secrets, but I’m really getting better at it as I approach and grab my opponents. A lot also depends on how I can block the initiative of those who come into contact with me, which requires not only technical knowledge but also endurance, ”continued Péter Kenderesi, who would collect new laurels at his European Championships and EC competitions next year as his last year’s youth. also, confirming the place of the youth national team.

Although only the tatami feels in its element, it is also common to visit the swimming pool during the foundation period, because it feels necessary to “maintain” its muscles and joints and improve its breathing technique.

Fast swimming is best for this purpose, sometimes Tomi also helps make my pool workouts even more effective. I can hardly compete with him in a hurry, if we started together, I would definitely get half a pool from him, or even more, ”admitted the 16-year-old Hope of Pécs.

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