Index - Sports - A ban on LeBron James' elbowed misfortune has come to an end

Although the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Detroit Pistons 121-116 on North American Professional Basketball League on Sunday, the end result was overshadowed by a series of scandalous scenes.

Early in the third quarter, the Pistons sold a penalty, but as LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart battled for the position for a possible rebound, James hit his opponent with his elbow, his skin cracked over his eyes and he began to bleed. Although the Lakers star extended his apology, Stewart rushed to the floor after getting up from the floor.

The teammates tried to separate the two players, but the tempers got even looser, and by the end, everyone was pushing everyone and more people ended up on the floor. Eventually, both basketball players were sent to the locker room, LeBron James was banned for one and Isaiah Stewart for a two-match ban. Because of this, the Lakers ’excellence drops from approximately $ 288,000, while the Pistons’ youth falls from $ 15,000.

James, who has only been out for the second time in 18 seasons in his career, will not be able to feature in Tuesday’s New York performance while Stewart misses matches against Miami and defending champion Milwaukee. This will be James ’first career missed match due to a ban.

(Cover image: LeBron gets angry after James’ exhibition. Photo: Nic Antaya / Getty Images)

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