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2022.01.15. 07:45

Another chapter came in the Novak Djokovic drama: an anti-vaccination Serbian star tennis player in Australia was detained by local authorities.

It all happened a day after his visa was revoked for a second time, making it impossible for him to start as defending champion at the Australian Open starting on Monday, the BBC reported.

The Index also followed the tug of war surrounding Djokovic.

The stakes are high, as if deported BEFORE MONDAY, the Serbian tennis player could fall for writing history. After all, if he could win the competition, he could become the most successful male tennis player in the history of the sport with 21 league titles in his possession.

Djokovics, who is currently in custody, will be brought before a court at 9:30 a.m. Australian time (Saturday night at 11:30 a.m.), which will no longer decide not only on Djokovic’s legal status but also on the fulfillment of his sporting performance.

What’s more, they can be banned from Australia for up to three years due to a visa waiver.

The tennis star is wasting in the same hotel as before. There are two possible futures for him on Sunday. Which version do you think will be implemented?

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