Index - Sports - Osaka Naomi was the best earning female athlete

With annual revenues of $ 57.3 million ($ 17.74 billion), Japan’s Osaka was the world’s best-earning female athlete last year, according to the American business magazine Forbes.

The top ten leader in the world rankings for women tennis, according to the top ten list released Thursday, had $ 2.3 million in cash, while another $ 55 million came from advertising contracts. Thanks to agreements with more than ten brand partners over the past year and a half, MTI wrote.

The top three on the list are occupied by a tennis player – Osaka is followed by the Williams sisters – and five of the top ten represent the sport. However, this is still the lowest number in the last ten years, and in 2019 it was only among ten players.

There are also five Americans in the top 10 in terms of nationalities, followed by Spanish, South Korean, Indian and Australian athletes in addition to Japan, the latter Ashleigh Barty, currently at the top of the world rankings for female tennis players.

Osaka Naomi and fourth-placed American star gymnast Simone Biles ’careers have recently been equally overshadowed by a mental problem that has had an impact on athletic performance and results as well.

The top ten paid female athletes earned a total of $ 166.6 million (51 billion forints), an increase of 23 percent from 2020, according to the paper.

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