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Five points separated Ferencváros and MOL Fehérvár FC before the 13th round of football NB I, so that the Greens played even less in a match. It is not possible to force the qualifier for any of the Dibuszék matches in Hungary, the defending champion of the league stands out so much from the Hungarian field. This is how we have been for years with the so-called “derby” – by which we mean full-sided clashes against Újpest – and now with quasi-rivals against MOL Fehérvár. All in the language of numbers: four of the last five FTC-Vidi matches played at Groupama Arena have been won by the Greens in a single draw.

In any case, the directors gave the way, drone brought the match ball into the starting circle of the Groupama Arena.

Immediately, Fradi dominated the Hungarian field, perhaps the only team playing proactive football next to Paks.

The home team carried out a high-rise attack, which was beaten by the previous coach Sergei Rebrov in Tokmacek. Once Tokmac: the forked striker started on the bench this time around, Peter Stöger apparently reserved his Norwegian-Sudanese player for Thursday’s Europa League match, as well as Besicet, Uzuni and perhaps Botka. Although the framework of Ferencváros is so strong that it is never possible to know who is the beginner and who is the reserve …

He didn’t have to wait long for Fradi’s leading goal: in the 10th minute, Zubkov made two shots at the right-hand link, ten meters from the goal, and then punched the ball into the top right corner. 1-0.

The team of Fehérvár, conducted by the former Fradi star Imre Szabics, provided a pathetic sight, which was already a problem for him to bring the ball across the halfway line.

Then, in the 24th minute, Civic sold the ball, Kodro rushed in the middle, Vécsei and Blazic took the scissors, the Bosnian-Spanish fell, but the referee Berke waved further. Well …

The game was somewhat more balanced now, Fradi didn’t put much effort into the goal, and the opponent ran so hard.

Fradi was playing more and more comfortably, and it almost took revenge. In the 32nd minute, Makarenko pulled Petrjak’s goal, Wingo seemed to pull the Ukrainian down, but Berke waved again. That was very suspicious.

The answer was Marin’s situation, the small player shot next to the short corner, then on the other side Dárdai shot badly above him from a good position in front of his parents in the auditorium.

Kodro was kicked again, a free kick came from 23 meters for Vidin, Dibusz defended the roll of Dárdai Palkó.

In the 40th minute, the FTC led a lightning strike. Laidouni started Ryan Mmae with a long ball, who walked past Stopira as he pleased and then shot loosely into the right corner, though the ball bounced off Rus’s feet. 2-0.

The second half started with a roaring Fradi situation, but Ryan Mmaee had fun on Vidi’s five until they stepped into his shot. The two teams were not in a weight class, although the host only played football with a quarter steam. But it was just enough to make it 0 – 0 as Ryan Mmaee finished off a well-played combination from the left, carving through the defensive box. 3-0.

The guests were embarrassed, goalkeeper Dániel Kovács cut a simple homelessness into an incomprehensible piece. Besic had already entered the field, and if he played, he would hand out a spectacular umbrella. The champion played a huge technical superiority, the people of Fehérvár could only notice themselves with rudeness.

In the 78th minute, Zubkov, perhaps the best in the field, put Zachariassen in a goal position, who flicked the ball in front of goalkeeper Kovács but pulled his foot into the Vidi net, a penalty. After a short tussle with the defender, Laidouni finally tucked the ball home.

But it also fit in smoothly, because Fehérvár could not force the host to work hard. Petrjak has no away victory in this league yet …

In the 93rd minute, Bamgboye was still on display.

Football NB I, Round 13:

Ferencváros – MOL Fehérvár FC 3-0 (2-0). Groupama Arena, 8719 spectators, v .: Berke. Goals: Zubkov (10th), R. Mmaee (40th), Uzuni (58th)

(Cover image: Ferencváros TC – MOL Fehérvár FC match at Groupama Arena on November 21, 2021. Photo: Tamás Kovács / MTI)

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