Index - Tech-Science - An unusually slow, greenish fireball appeared over Hungary

The meteorite came from Slovakia and was captured by cameras over Győr. I don’t know yet if his pieces hit the ground.

On January 13, a few minutes after 6 pm, the full-sky camera of the Győr fireball camera network operated by the Hungarian Meteorological Society (MMT) recorded the greenish, explosive, bright celestial phenomenon. The company according to the communication the unusually slow, greenish fireball was captured by several cameras on their network despite the partly cloudy sky.

According to the camera footage, the fireball may have appeared in the atmosphere of Slovakia. Whether the pieces of the meteorite hit the ground can only be determined later by experts, however, the available measurements from the earthquake warning observatories did not record a sign of a sound explosion, so the probability of this is very low.

MTE is working on the creation of a full-sky camera system consisting of six stations, specifically to help find domestic meteorites, which is currently being tested. The fireball now detected has been captured in several parts of the country, it is For a picture of time According to the submitted videos and photos, Gyöngyös and over Lake Balaton also crossed:

Last time we reported in December about a fireball passing over Hungary, you can see a recording of the phenomenon here.

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