A mammoth tusk has been lifted out of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California, the Monterey Bay Institute for Aquaristics Research (MBARI) has announced. Their announcement revealed that the find was discovered during an expedition in 2019, but then only a sample was taken of it, and was finally excavated in July this year.

The fang belonged to a Colombian mammoth, about a meter long. Mammoths are usually found on land, but that specimen has remained in good condition in cold water and high pressure and can therefore be better studied.

Mammoths have already been found in the ocean, but typically at a depth of a few tens of meters

Said Daniel Fisher, a paleontologist at the University of Michigan.

The researchers are subjecting the finding to DNA analysis, which could be more than a hundred thousand years old. If this is proven, it will be the best preserved and oldest mammoth in the area.

Such specimens are a rare opportunity to learn about the animal and its former environment. Mammoth remains are especially rare in South America, so we can get a lot of information about the mammoths in the area from the DNA that comes from it.

Said Beth Shapiro, a researcher at the Paleogenomics Laboratory at the University of Santa Cruz.

(Yahoo! News)

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