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Facebook Vice President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg a On CNN’s Sunday show talked about what algorithmic changes are being introduced as a quick response to plenty of criticism of the community app.

Clegg responded to a hearing before the Senate by former Facebook employee Frances Haugen, during which Haugen, with his help, unveiled several internal documents that also appeared in the WSJ that Facebook was aware of the negative impact Instagram has on Instagram. mental health of teenagers. In response to this, Instagram will now see a warning message from young people using the social app if they repetitively consume content that the algorithm detects as harmful.

The alert will ask young people to take a break while using the social app or look for other types of content.

The latter will also be helped by the program, Clegg said there will be a much larger variance in the recommended content than before.

A To Verge’s question in response, an Instagram spokesman said the features have not been armed yet, but testing will begin soon. No exact date was given.

Asked by CNN presenter Dana Bash whether the January 6 riots in Washington could have been amplified by Facebook’s algorithm, Clegg said she couldn’t answer yes or no. During the congressional hearing, Frances Haugen claimed that Facebook deliberately prioritizes content that evokes negative emotions and hatred from people as they spend more time on its surface. Haugen accuses that by doing so, the social site promotes social polarization, which can lead to violence, while only the time spent on Facebook and the profits from it are important. Mark Zuckerberg responded to this, saying Haugen’s claims are completely illogical and absurd, his company doesn’t want to anger people in order to generate revenue.

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