India.  Monkeys steal a baby and find it dead in a pond days later

India. As if it were a horror movie, the parents of a two-month-old baby are heartbroken, after they some monkeys will take the little one and hours later he was found lifeless in a water tank.

According to, the facts occurred in Baghpat, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where the monkeys took advantage of a carelessness of the parents to take the little one.

For their part, the authorities announced that the minor, named Keshav KumarShe was sleeping with her grandmother in a room on the terrace, but she forgot to close the door.

In that oversight, the monkeys quietly entered and took the two-month-old baby away. By the time your grandmother woke up, a few hours had already passed and the baby was gone.

It was immediately done an operation in the areaBut the worst news came when they found the lifeless baby’s body floating in a tank of water.

The police confirmed days later that it had been the monkeys who took out of the houseThis after they analyzed the security videos, where you can see how the monkeys jump a wall with the baby.


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