Indigenous Resistance Day is commemorated in Venezuela |  News

Representatives of the indigenous peoples of Venezuela star this Tuesday in what they call a great walk of the indigenous peoples to commemorate the 529 years of the Indigenous Resistance, which has as its concentration point the Presidential Palace of Miraflores.


Challenges in the rights of indigenous peoples in Latin America

The Deputy Minister of Indigenous Peoples of Venezuela, Maria Soledad, said in the act with the protesters that the native population has nothing to thank the Spaniards who, she said, came to America, to enslave and, however, they could not with the liberating spirit of native peoples.

For his part, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Félix Plasencia, said that the events of 529 years ago changed the course of humanity, but above all the history of native peoples, before which today they remember what he called the warrior impetus of our ancestors, defenders of these lands.

The Day of Indigenous Resistance was established by President Hugo Chávez in 2002 to replace the Day of the Race, to recognize that on that date, 1492, the colonial barbarism experienced by Latin America began.

According to the organizers, the commemoration of this October 12 of the Indigenous Resistance Day is in recognition of the constancy, struggle for the dignity, cultural and human diversity of the native peoples of America, for which different plans are planned. cultural and musical activities.

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