AIRD advocates that all imports be made in accordance with the Law
AIRD advocates that all imports be made in accordance with the Law

Santo Domingo. The Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic (AIRD) raised the need for all imports of goods to be carried out in strict accordance with international laws and regulations, including valuation methods, tariff preferences, rules of origin and environmental regulations.

AIRD stated that one of its fundamental lines of action is the defense of national production, as well as supporting the role of the State in favor of equity and the social welfare of the population.

In this sense, when referring to the importation of vehicles, AIRD explained that what it is proposing is that the authorities, and in particular the General Customs Directorate (DGA), investigate and call the parties to investigate complaints about possible breaches of the law and the valuation methods in imported vehicles and thus avoid distortions in the market that would cause unfair competition would negatively impact tax collections.

“These import operations are not illegitimate, but they must always be carried out in strict compliance with the Law, avoiding unfair competition and promoting efficient collection. Even opportunities for improvements can be detected in the way in which used vehicles are valued, so that there is more transparency and coherence with real market prices, ”said AIRD.

The wake-up call of the institution that groups the industrialists is aimed at ensuring that any non-compliance with the regulations for imports is investigated and corrected in such a way as to guarantee tax equity and that fiscal resources are adequately entered so that the government can supply the necessary services to the population.

The AIRD was confident that the DGA will listen to the complainants and carry out the investigations of the place and, in case of proving any violation, it will establish the sanctions of the place.

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