Photo by the Roscongress Foundation

Photo by the Roscongress Foundation

By 2030, the state corporation Rosatom plans to prepare a commercially viable proposal for the production of hydrogen by converting methane at a nuclear power plant (AETS). This was announced by Anton Moskvin, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development of Rusatom Overseas, at the session “Hydrogen Future of Russia and the World: Dialogue with Business” of the “Russian Energy Week”.


“We are working on the creation of a nuclear power plant with a high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and a chemical-technological part – in fact, a methane conversion unit,” Anton Moskvin told the forum participants. “We plan to prepare a commercially efficient solution for hydrogen production by this method by about 2030 – it will be a large industrial complex and hydrogen will be extremely low-carbon”.

The expert said that the state corporation is currently working on several projects in terms of changing nuclear power plants. Thus, a feasibility study is being developed to use the free capacity of the Kola NPP for hydrogen production by electrolysis. It is planned to create a test complex at the station, which will include electrolysis plants of its own production.

“At the same time, we are assessing the prospects for the sale of this hydrogen and its use – on the one hand in the territory of the Murmansk region, on the other hand, for export, primarily to the EAEU countries. Here we can talk about both the export of pure hydrogen and about ammonia and synthetic fuels, – said the representative of Rusatom Overseas, adding that he is confident in the future growth of demand for hydrogen from the Russian industry. – In addition, the state corporation is considering the prospects for the production of hydrogen using nuclear power plants for the purpose of decarbonization of the Russian industry. I am absolutely sure that the volume of local demand in industry may at some point exceed the prospects for export deliveries. “


Currently, the largest energy, oil and gas and technology companies in Russia, as well as banks, are discussing the possibility of creating a Russian Hydrogen Union to coordinate efforts to develop the industry and interact in the domestic and international markets.

“We are at the point where the hydrogen industry is just beginning to emerge. On the one hand, we have unique competitive advantages, on the other, we have clear economic incentives. I would like to note that the largest industry participants, whose business is directly related to the hydrogen theme, share our opinion on the need to form a professional industry association, and plan in the near future to create a Russian Hydrogen Union to coordinate activities and interaction in the Russian and international markets, “said the head of the investment division of the group “Rusnano” Alisher Kalanov.

The expert noted that today the state, business and science are developing a comprehensive national program for the development of low-carbon hydrogen energy. The working group included the largest companies in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries, the electric power industry, technology companies, financial organizations and development institutions – about 30 enterprises.

“It is planned that in December 2021 the program will be presented to the Russian government and executive authorities. According to preliminary estimates, the industry’s annual revenue will be from $ 30 billion to $ 60 billion, and the export of Russian hydrogen will be from 2 to 12 million tons by 2035, “Rusnano said.

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